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About O-City.Mobi

Thanx for looking into "About O-City.Mobi". The website was started by Ozzie Osband, a local Orlando soccer fan, and Volunteer to World Cup USA 1994. Ozzie is also infamous for hating "Flash®", which he considers a "bandwidth hog", and providing only "eye-candy" and is rarely used to provide "Information Content". He doesn't like limiting the userbase by creating "Apps" that need to be run on an iPhone, or Android device. Simple web pages can provide all the Information Content most users are looking for. In fact, you may have heard of the sophisticated web creation software Ozzie uses regularly to update his pages - Notepad.

In the past, Ozzie has been a Volunteer with the
Orlando City Soccer Club
As you may be aware, dotMobi TLDs (Top Level Domains) are for web pages meant to be read on mobile device web browsers on devices such as mobile phones and tablets. That was the point of creaing this web site.

After all, you're in your car and looking for directions to the Next Match. What device do you have with you to search the Internet for the information? Yup, your mobile phone! Oh, sure. Our regular fans know how to find Exploria Stadium, but certainly The Rukus isn't the only bunch of soccer fans that goes out of town to root on their team! The away fans of the visiting team needs to find our stadium, too. (we now use What Three Words to link the stadum names to the 'people friendliest' location finding web site we've discovered yet)

And did you click the "#" key on your telephone's keypad? (This website was operating in the days before touch screens were popular). Using a little known component in hyperlink tags, we used the pound-key to take you to The Next Match (now we just use the 'Next Match' text at the top of the page). And every week,we move that named tag from Last Week's Match to the new Next Match. This way, when you tap the "#" key (or 'Next Match') and then bookmark the page, when you use the bookmark, we don't waste your time. We take you directly to the next match! You know who we're playing. And when (when the match starting time gets changed due to broadcast schedules, we put that in red). For a view of what the schedule looks like at mid-season (if you're visiting this page between seasons) , here's an archive of the page on May 05, 2014.

Because a telephone's screen is much smaller than a computer monitor, we try to use the screen space economically. For example, we combine the column for Match Start Time, and Final Score. Quite simply, before a match, there is no score, and after the match, you don't need to know when it started. Why have two seperate columns when they can share one? The club's main site has seperate columns, so if you need the information later you can find it, but we concentrate on the important information you need now!

As to the date format, the reason we got involved in soccer is because it's the world's game, and the USA is joining the world in enjoying something. We like that. We use the international format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS, which Ozzie (always the techno-geek) likes to point out is both human readable, and in computer sortable order. Since the season is all within a calendar year, the year field is not used, but we still use a "-" instead of a "/" as a month-day seperator. Further information can be found at: http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~mgk25/iso-time.html

How we came to do this

When Ozzie tried to find a schedule of matches he could read using his Nokia mobile phone's web browser, he was not shocked to find that it was on a page that was hard to maneuver on his phone. Furthermore, the club's website puts each of the three teams on it's own seperate web page (probably due to the use of MLS Digital as the club's web host). He was hit with a case of "Hacker's Syndrome". In this disease, the victim feels he must do something to correct an "obvious" programming flaw. Since the domain name OrlandoCitySoccer.Com was a little long to enter into a phone browser's dial-pad, he went and bought O-City.Mobi, a shorter domain name using a "dotMobi" TLD (Top Level Domain) name, which are meant to be used for "mobile device" oriented web sites. He also puts all three teams (The Lions in Major League Soccer, The Pride in the National Women's Soccer League, and Orlando City B in League One of the United Soccer League) on one convenient web page, in chronological order.

If you have any ideas as to what other information you need while you're in the stands, please e-mail him.

Here's the Clever Bit

Back when mobile phones had dial pads on the front, O-City was set up with AccessKey components to the hyper link of a "named tag" which gets moved before every match. This way, when someone pushed the "#" button, it would take them to the NextMatch on the page. With newer touch screens, the visitor can tap the words "Next Match" at the top of the page, and then Bookmark the result, so when the user clicks up the Bookmark, it takes them directly to the Next Match. That's what makes the site "PHone PHriendly". If you have a Favorite Team that could use such a schedule, our services are available. Feel free to Call us, or Email us to discuss it.

So far (updated as of February 2021), no one in The Front Office has made any disparaging remarks (or threatened the introduction of lawyers), but it should be known that:


O-City.Mobi is a fan created website, and is not operated by the Orlando City Soccer Club, the United Soccer League, Major League Soccer, the National Womens Soccer League, FIFA, or The Easter Bunny.
Rumors regarding Santa Claus will be neither confirmed or denied.

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